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About me

A forward thinking creative who loves new media, creative problem solving and content creation across all platforms.

I have worked across broadcast TV in development, production and post-production and also extensively in digital content creation as well as marketing and advertising giving be a full scope and prospective of the creative journey both on large productions and small scale. 

               I'm looking for my next challenge with a dynamic creative company where I am able to bring my ability to create, develop ideas and execute projects alongside a great team. 

Adobe Premier Pro, advanced editor


Premier Pro

Final Cut Pro




      my CV

Some examples of my corporate work...

Andy C Event, Brixton. Editor,

shooting and producer. 

Launch event, UAM. Editor &


COmpany product launch promotion video (a toilet vid... how often do you see thaT on a CV?!) Editor & producer. 

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YouTube Channel

& Research

Award Winning 360 Documentary

    Online & Offline Marketing

Live studio Online

Researcher / Runner

Post Production Runner / Assistant

Online  Digital


YouTube - content creation & testing (inc analytics and research) 


How do you make a YouTube Channel grow?

In 2019, eager to learn exactly what it takes to make a successful YouTube channel and how to make a video

popular on the world's second largest search engine and what the secret recipe is for going viral; I embarked on a

challenge to create a YouTube channel.


I researched extensively, analysed the channel activity constantly and AB test variables and reported on my finding to

discover just this; what makes digital content popular? 


I designed a channel, a "character" and a USP for the channel with a strong brand identity. I then researched the

platform and similar successful competitors channels utilising TubeBuddy chrome extension which enables me to see

rival channels popular videos attributes, tags they used, where it was shared and such like so I could understand in my niche what

content would aid growth the fastest and so I could develop a list of 60 video titles and content to produce to

launch a channel for a minimum of 10 weeks and aim to grow it as fast as possible. I also analysed popular video styles

for editing, music and suchlike developing a style guide for the channel and key video format for maximum effectivness.


Treating the project as a professional production, I flew to Asia to film 60 videos over 3 weeks having a strict shoot

schedule, DIT and store the footage for maximum efficiency for when I returned home to edit. 


I edited 30 videos in 15 days upon my return then launched the channel alongside social media, google ads, collaborations I'd organised and AB tested variables

such as video release time, thumbnail designs, content types and more.


A full analysis of the entire process and success of the channel growth and forecast for the channels popularity after the 10 weeks can all be found here

YouTube learnings & now a comprehensive understanding of:
(through constant AB testing of my channel and content)

Popular content

type testing & optimal video structure

Ideal length of content testing for watchtime optimization


Algorithm understanding & manipulation 

Keyword analysis

& best practice for results

Using external medias to drive views to YouTube content

Thumbnail testing styles and optimisation  

Titling and description optimisation (also for Google results) 

Time of day release testing and results 

Monitisation analysis of content

TubeBuddy for analysis of competitors channels, analysis and SEO of content


Great growth (4.2k subs in first 10 weeks and content with 300k views) 

Targeted reach with great interactivity and growing community


2ndAD /

Development /




Award Winning        Documentary

Always an advocate of new technology, as a sideline project I created a feature length VR/360 documentary that went on to win and be selected at 3 international film festivals and promoted them under the company I then created, 3SixtyFilm.

I started 3SixtyFilm as a place to allow me to create VR / 360 content. Drawing on my experience in broadcast TV (TOWIE, XFactor) alongside a passion for VR and new technology I created the documentary "Pattaya: The Real Sin City". So successful was the project I won the Calcutta International Film Festival 2017 for Best AR/VR and 360 Film, selected at the Underground Film Festival (Berlin / US) and a semifinalist at Los Angeles Cinefest in the 360/VR documentary category.

With £1000 from an online crowd fund, I flew to Asia to source my contributors, I shot the documentary in December 2016 over 7 days, edited and completed in 8 weeks costing under £1000 to produce in its entirety being able to draw on my previous production experience and marketing. I wanted to show I was able to complete a forward thinking project, use a new technology, do it alone from concept to execution and then go on to market the project.

                                          The film took a behind-the-scenes look at the worlds largest                                            red light district, interviewing the working girls who call this                                            place home and the expats who keep them funded. It was                                         a real dive into this crazy city, why it exists, why people  come                                   visit here, the deeper, more painful side as to why the girls                                            come here from all over SE Asia and the future for this city.

Open in YouTube & drag the screen with your cursor to see 360 degrees!



Understanding the ever strengthening marriage between all creative (broadcast, digital, online, live) and marketing, my time spent with Granity Ent. running marketing campaigns was a perfect insight into the promotion side of digital creative; now seeing the the full journey of the creative cycle.

•Video Marketing •Email Marketing •Social Media Marketing •Offline & Events •Campaign Data Analysis •Monitoring & Optimising Customer Journey •Project Management

•Photoshop •JIRA •Ongage Email Marketing Software •Wordpress •Wix •EmailonAcid (spam test) •Excel •Slack •Trello •Monday

It is my role to manage all marketing for the site in the UK. This has enabled me to explore all marketing avenues and analyse results and see trends over the past three years. Everything from email promotion, social media, ad networks, offline print, events, press and through to conceiving non-traditional marketing methods. Dealing with GDPR, ASA and press and event agencies are common practice for me. 

Other marketing includes online social media, banner ads, smaller ad networks, google, internal messaging and promotions and looking for niche areas and ideas outside the norm (for example a previous campaign advertising on the side of taxis). Offline marketing, I have a good relationship with agencies and direct contacts with national and local press, billboards and other ad location companies. I both concept design, write copy for these and organise the implementation and design ads for print (I can use Adobe Photoshop proficiently) – posters and flyers amongst other materials. 

All campaigns are analysed for success and reasons for this to manipulate future campaigns for maximum success. Extremely competent with Excel, using Vlookup where necessary to analyse across data platforms.

Live Stream Online Channel Creation

                                                           Launched in the summer of 2014, Trusseau TV was a small scale interactive, multi                                                                   camera chat show, broadcasting purely online utilising YouTube's LiveStream facility                                                                 and broadcasting across multiple platforms (YouTube, FB, Site).

                                                           Previous to launch I was my job to research similar shows using this live-chat-online                                                                 format (which in 2014 was not common here in the UK) across the world as well as developing a professional look for our shows set and to fit with branding. It was I who then, from research, ordered all the studio props, furniture and visual and audio equipment. I built and set up a working small multi camera studio, control room able to mix multi camera and audio with mixer. I researched production software (multi camera) to implement for this venture.

I then produced VTs and graphics for the shows, produced the live shows with talkback earpieces to the cast and rand successful shows 7 days a week.





Lime Pictures & TOWIE

  • 2nd/3rd Assistant Director

    December 2013 – January 2014 2 months

    London, United Kingdom

    2nd/3rd Ad and sole digital content producer working all the way from the audition process, pre production and production for a new development show titled Fam for Lime Pictures. 

    Duties including all preproduction alongside PM, call sheet production, sourcing (unit bases, props,etc), looking after cast on set and general production duties. I was also the digital content producer filming behind the scenes footage and workshop scenes with the intent to post online, displaying a complete package for the show to commissioners. I filmed, edited and delivered all content with my own production equipment.

  • Researcher - Location & Office

    September 2013 – December 2013 4 months

    London, United Kingdom

    The Only Way is Essex Series 10 

    Duties include looking after additional artists and movement on set (3rd AD), production duties including sourcing locations, props, additional cast and such like. Also aiding schedules and call sheets in an extremely fast paced, fast turnaround environment.

  • Development Researcher

    June 2013 – September 2013 4 months

    London, United Kingdom

    Researching in Lime’s Development department as their sole researcher, it is my job to aid their current projects in development, but also to create and pitch to them my own ideas. Due to my skill set it is also my job to produce, shoot and edit the sizzlers for the execs to take to pitch. I also researched, sourced and auditioned potential cast for our upcoming projects with our small team also aiding casting Producer with shooting for new cast TOWIE, GEORDIE SHORE and others.

  • Location Runner / Logger

    May 2013 – June 2013 2 months

    London, United Kingdom

    The Only Way is Essex Series 9
    Aiding with all on location production duties, dealing with cast, crew, adhering to call sheets and schedules and problem solving on a very fast paced, fast turn around show. Long days, late finishes and early starts 7 days a week during production. Whilst running I also shared logging duties in a very fast-paced, non scripted reality show.

  • Development Researcher

    March 2013 – May 2013 3 months

    London, United Kingdom

    As Above - Development team between production dates

  • Office Runner

    January 2013 – March 2013 3 months

    London, United Kingdom

    Aiding with all the office based production, planning and preparation for shooting. Learning the whole process from idea and generation of stories to full scale execution.



Post Production

I worked for The Farm Group, the UK’s largest post-production facility in Soho, London as a runner and receptionist. The Farm facilitates shows such as The x Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Shameless, Live at the Apollo, The Jonathan Ross Show and many more leading productions. I joined The Farm to gain access to the post-production and fully understand the process, which I feel will be invaluable when entering any level of production.


Web Assistant

I worked for the BBC, uploading and managing online content for their sport department. I didthis whilst working full time for Cellcast TV (above) before my shift would start from 6 – 9am. Imet some great people at there and I was an excellent insight into the company.


London / Kent / South East

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T: 07730665820